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50+ years of manufacturing quality products

Mazda has emerged as a trusted and preferred supplier with reputed and established companies globally.

  • India's leading manufacturer of CPC Crude and Phthalocyanine Pigments
  • Well equipped R&D, quality control and application labs
  • Offer high qualitiy product at par with several internationally known pigment grades
  • Government of India accredited Star Export House


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Mazda manufactures complete range of Copper Phthalocyanine Pigments which are used in Paints, Plastics, Printing Inks, Detergents, Rubber, Textiles, etc. and comply with International Directives and Regulations of colourants.
Pigment Range
Crude Phthalocyanine Blue (CPC) / Activated CPC

Also called phthalocyanine blue, phthalo blue, Copper(II) phthalocyanine, Thalo blue and Monastral blue.

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Pigment Blue 15 (Alpha Blue)

We manufacture Pigment Blue 15:0 for various applications. We have expertise for polymer and water base applications.

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Pigment Blue 15:1 (Heat Stable Alpha Blue)

Used as Pigments for Paints, Textiles, Printing Inks, Detergent powder and Plastics.

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Pigment Blue 15:1 (Solvent Stable Alpha Blue)

Wide range of grades for specific applications of Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15:1 is available with us.

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Pigment Blue 15:2 (Non Flocculating Alpha Blue)

Used in N. C. Paints, Aqueous Paints, Letter Press Inks, Textile Printing, Polyolefins, Rigid PVC and more.

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Pigment Blue 15:3 (Beta Blue)

Used in Polyamide Based Liquid Inks, Air Drying Enamel Paints, Letter Press Inks, Detergents powdert.

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Pigment Blue 15:4 (Non Flocculating Beta Blue)

Widely used in Solvent based Inks, Aqueous Paints, Aqueous Inks, Air Drying Enamel Paints, Rubber Industries.

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Pigment Green 7

Stoving Paints / Coil Coating, Air Drying Enamel Paints, Letter Press Inks, Offset Press Inks, Polyolefins.

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Pigment Dispersions for Water-Based

Water-Based Paints, Textiles, Detergents and Water Based Inks.

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Rubber Masterbatch for The Rubber Industry

Improves properties like flexibility of final product which are uniform and bear better properties.

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Pigment Flushes for The Plastic Masterbatch Industry

Mainly used in Polyolefin, PVC, EVA and Natural Rubber.

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Pigments for Elastomer

Mainly used in Natural Ruber, SBR, PUR, Ethylene vinyl acetate, PVC

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Product Application
Pigments for Coatings

Mainly used in Air drying alkyd, Alkyd melamine, Polyester melamine, Machine colourants, Isocyanate (PU), Coil coating, Epoxy, Industrial paints, Automotive OEM

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Pigments for Water base Systems

Mainly used in Decoratve paints, Aq flexo inks, Textile printing, Cement colouration, Seed coating

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Pigments for Paste Inks

Mainly used in Sheetfed, Coldset, Metal decorative, Screen printing

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Pigments for Plastics

Mainly used in Polyolefins, Polystyrene, ABS, Spun fibre PP, PVC, EVA, Spun fibre PET, PUR, Polyamide, PC, Powder coating

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Pigments for Film and Fibre

Mainly used in plastics fiber market all the desirable properties of phthalocyanine blue and green

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